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Introducing: Kat Taylor Creates

Hello and thank you for finding me! I'm Kat Taylor, a cut paper collage artist based in Sheffield.

Sheffield artist Kat Taylor in her home studio
This is me in my home studio

I make highly detailed collages inspired by nature and the landscape around me, using hundred of tiny pieces of hand painted paper including recycled magazines, used stamps and envelopes, old books and dictionary pages, sheet music and a variety of other collected sentimental papers.

Sheffield artist Kat Taylor holds a cut paper butterfly made from over 100 pieces of paper
A cut paper butterfly made from over 100 individual pieces of hand painted paper

I love working in miniature, whether it be making tiny characters to hide amongst my intricate scenes, or making buildings the size of my little finger nail with every detail captured.

Sheffield artist Kat Taylor holds two cut paper children building a sandcastle
Tiny cut paper children for one of my commissions

I'm based in my home studio on the fourth floor of a Victorian terrace, looking out onto the local crags – an everchanging landscape and an inspiration in itself. I live in the countryside on the north of Sheffield in the next village along to the one where I grew up. My house is surrounded by fields and woodland and overlooks the crags and river behind.

Sheffield artist Kat Taylor holds a row of pretty pastel houses in Beaumaris made from cut paper
Tiny pastel houses in Beaumaris, Anglesey, every detail is an individual piece of paper

My art life began before I could even hold a spoon. As a tiny tot I would draw on anything I could get my hands on, including my bedroom wall and, once, on the patio with a piece of charcoal I found on the BBQ. My mum was an early years teacher and would get me involved in her art prep by letting me cut shapes out of coloured paper. This is where my love of “cutting out” began, but, as a lefty, I really struggled to use scissors so my mum taught me to cut using my right hand. To this day, all of my cut paper collages are made using the wrong hand!

Sheffield artist Kat Taylor working on a cut paper collage of a piece of lichen
Me again, applying tiny pieces of paper to a macro view of a piece of lichen for a charity postcard auction

I began working in collage about two and a half years ago after writing a couple of children’s books. I had a clear vision of how I wanted my illustrations to look, and that was in lovely paper collage, so I decided to have a go myself. It turned out that I was pretty good so I started cutting all sorts of things that inspired me – mostly landscapes and nature but sometimes people as well.

Sheffield artist Kat Taylor holds a tiny character from her 100 days of city windows series
A tiny cut paper character, part of my 100 days of city windows series

When I'm not snipping, I love being outside and take my daughter on regular nature walks where we spend lots of time really focussing on what we see, discussing shapes, colours, textures and sounds. We always take an art pack out with us and stop for a rest somewhere to do a bit of nature journaling. I have also spent a lot of time travelling and count myself really lucky to have been able to get off the beaten track and go to places like Myanmar (Burma) and Malawi, not to mention travelling all around South East Asia and Central America.

That was just a little bit about me and what makes me snip. Stay tuned for regular updates on what I'm working on. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

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