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Carefully constructed from over 1200 individual pieces of hand-painted cut/torn papers, this nature inspired unframed educational style British Butterflies art print will stand out on any wall.


This is a digital print of my original cut-paper collage of British butterflies, featuring 12 of Britain's favourite butterflies and giving both the common and the Latin name of each species. All of the papers used are hand-painted/printed using a variety of techniques and mark-making tools, and every detail is made from a hand-cut/torn piece of one of those papers. Each single butterfly took around 10 hours to complete, over 120 hours in total for the whole group, with every detail cut or torn by hand


I have always been fascinated by butterflies and love all of their intricate details so this project has been a joy to work on. Butterflies and other pollinators are on the decline in this country and around the world, so I wanted my work to highlight their beauty and importance, and to encourage people to invite these amazing creatures into whatever garden space they have. 


Butterfly spotting is a great way to practice mindfulness. Get outdoors, find a comfortable spot, breathe in the fresh air and see how many varieties of butterflies and other insects you can see. Notice their colours, their minute details, the tiny hairs on their bodies, the way they extract pollen from each flower they pause at, watch how their wings beat with the pace of your own heart, enjoy the sun's warmth on your face, the breeze in your hair. Now tell me you don't feel better!


Featured butterflies:


* Marbled White

* Common Blue

* Small Copper

* Peacock

* Swallowtail

* Camberwell Beauty

* Comma

* Purple Emperor

* Small Tortoiseshell

* Red Admiral

* Orange-tip

* Clouded Yellow



The print:


The print will come to you unframed, on 250gsm card stock that is 100% recycled and uncoated, using a professional and very high quality locally-based printing service. 





All A3 and A2 prints are carefully packaged in an art tube for protection. 


Sustainability is very important to me, and because my original work uses all recycled and found materials, all packaging is 100% recyclable and, where possible, made from recycled paper. 




* This item is handmade by me

* Available in sizes A3 and A2

* If you'd like another size, please contact me and I will create a custom listing

* Materials - This item is printed onto fine quality card (250gsm)

* This item is signed 

* This item is sold UNFRAMED

Nature inspired butterfly art print, Butterflies of Britain (A3/A2)

PriceFrom £35.00
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