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This stunning original A4 travel inspired cut paper collage captures the unique beauty of St Cwyfan's Church in Anglesey, North Wales. Each of the 162 individual pieces of paper was made using hand painted recycled papers, some as small as a grain of rice. The church, which sits in the sea at Llangwyfan, is beautifully crafted in this original piece of art, bringing the essence of this magical location to life. Perfect for anyone who loves Anglesey and wants to bring a piece of its natural beauty into their home.


This piece is part of a series of Anglesey collages, so please check out my other Anglesey work if you'd like to start a collection.




Original collages are sold in an attractive black frame with mount and perspex "glass" to avoid breakage, then shipped wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a box for further protection.


Sustainability is very important to me and because my original work uses all recycled and found materials, I use recycled and/or recyclable packaging wherever possible. Where it has not been possible, I am working on better solutions.




* This item is handmade by me

* A4 (29.7x21 cm)* Materials - All materials used in this collage are recycled, making this an eco-friendly piece of original art

* This item is signed

* This item is sold framed

* The item will be packaged with a description of the work and some information on how it was made


St Cwyfan's Church, Anglesey, North Wales original A4 travel inspired art

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